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Progresisve verbs with " always " to complain

Using progresisve verbs with always to complain

Using progresisve verbs with always to complain

In sentence referring to present time , usually the simple present is used with always to discribe habitual or everyday activities,
Example :
- Mary always leaves for school at 7:45

In special circumtances , a speaker may use the present progressive with always to complain , i.e. to express annoyance or anger .*
Example :
- mary is always leacing her dirty socks on the floor for me to pick up ! who does she think I am ? Her maid ?

In addition to always , the words forever  and constantly are also used with the present progressive to express annoyance
Example :
- I am always / forever / constantly picking up Mary’s dirty socks !

Always , forever and constantly can also be used with the past progressive to express annoyance or anger.

Example :
- I didn’t like having Sam for my roommate last year. He was always leaving his dirty clothes on the floor.

* “ Mary is walways leaving her dirty socks on the floor “ expresses annoyance

“ Mary always leaves her dirty socks on the floor “ is a statement of fact in which the speaker is not necessarily expressing an attitude of annoyance . annoyance may , however be shown by the speaker’s tone of voice.

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