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                   PRONOUN       PRONOUN PRONOUN   ADJECTIVE

Singular    I   me  mine   my book
                   You   you         yours          your book
                   She,he,it     her,him,it hers , his , its her , his , its book

Plural            we   us  ours   our books
                   You    you  yours   your books
                   They   them  theirs   their books

A pronoun is used in place of a noun. The noun it refers to is called the “ antecedent “
Example :
- I read a book. It was good
( the pronoun it refers to the antecedent noun book , A singular pronoun is used to refer to a singular noun )
- I read some books. They were good
( A plural pronoun is used to refer to a plural noun )

Sometimes the antecedent noun is understood , not explicity stated.
- I like tea. Do you like tea tea ?
( I refers to the speaker, and you refers to the person the speaker is talking to

Subject pronouns are used as subject of sentences as he
- John has a car. He drives to work

Object pronouns are used as the objects of verbs.
- John works in my office. I know him well

As the objects of preposititon.
- I talk to him every day

Possessive pronouns are not followed immediately by a noun ; they stand alone .
- That book is hers. Yours is over there

Possessive pronouns do not take aposstophers
- That book is her’s . your’s is over there ( Incorrect )

Possessive Adjectives are followed immediately by a noun; they do not stand alone
- Her book is herer. Your book is over here

Compare : Its has no APOSTROPHE when it is used as a possessive.
- A bird uses its wings to fly
- A bird uses it’s wings to fly ( Incorrect )

It’s has an apostrophe when it is used as a contractionof it is
- it’s cold today

Or it has when has is part of the present perfect tense
- the harbour Inn is my favorite old hotel. It’s been in business since 1933

Exercise : Personal pronouns : antecedents
Directions : Identify the personal pronouns and their antecedents
1.Jack has a part-time job. He works at a fast food restaurant
     ( he = a pronoun ; jack = the antecedent )
2.most monkeys don’t like water , but they can swim well when they have to
3.The teacher graded the students’ papers last night. She returned them during class today
4.Nancy took an apple with her to work. She ate it at lunch time
5.A dog makes a good pet if it is properly trained
6.Tom’s cat is named Maybelle Alice. She* is very independent . she never obeys Tom. His dogs, on the other hand, obey him gladly. They like to please him.

Exercise : 2 Possessive pronouns and adjectives.
Directions : choose the corect words in italics.

1.this is my/mine umbrella. Your/yours umbrella is over there
2.This umbrella is my/mine . the other one is your/yours
3.Mary and Bob have their/theirs books. In other words, Mary has her/hers and Bob has his/him
4.A honeybee has two wings on each side of its/it’s body
5.Its/it’s true that a homing pigeon will find its/it’s way home even thoughit begins its/it’s trip in unfamiliar territory
6.I have a pet. Its/it’s name is Squeak. Its/it’s a turtle. Its/it’s been my pet for two years
7.Our/ours house is almost the same as our/ours neighbors’ house. The only difference in appearance is that our/ours is gray and their / theirs is white
8.When I was in Florida, I observed an interesting fish-eating bird called an anhinga. It/they dives into the water and spears its/it’s prey on its/it’s long, pointed bill. After emerging from the water , it/they tosses the fish into the air and catches it/them in mid-air, then swallows it/them headfirst. Its/it’s interesting to watch anhingas in action. I enjoy watching it/them

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