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Biasanya , Kalimat Passive digunakan tanpa sebuah phrase by. Kalimat Passive paling sering digunakan disaat itu tidak familiar atau tidak penting untuk diketahui dengan pasti siapa yang perfom an action.

Contoh :
a. Rice is grown in India ( Padi ditanam di India )
b. Our house was built in 1980 ( Rumah kami dibangun pada tahun 1980 )
c. This olive oil was imported from Crete ( Olive Oil ini di import dari Crete / wilayah Crete )

Kalimat (a) Rice is grown in India , harusnya ada by people , by farmers , by someone. Tetapi Itu tidak terlalu penting untuk diketahui siapa yang menanamnya di India sana.

Kalimat a,b dan c menggambarkan bahwa menggambarkan paling umum menggunakan Passive tanpa phrase by

Phrase by hanya termasuk jika itu ( itu disini adalah by ) penting untuk diketahui siapa yang melakukan tindakan.

Contoh :

d. Life on the Mississipi was written by Mark Twain. ( Kehidupan di Mississipi ditulis oleh Mark Twain )

Jika si pembicara  mengetahui siapa yang melakukan tindakan , biasanya Kalimat Aktif di gunakan

Contoh :

e. My aunt made this rug ( Tante saya membuat Rug ini )  -----> ini adalah kalimat aktif

Kadang , bahkan ketika pembicara mengetahui siapa yang melakukan tindakan , Dia ( laki laki / perempuan ) memilih untuk menggunakan Kalimat Passive / Passif dengan menambahkan Phrase by karena si Dia ( laki laki / perempuan ) ingin memfokuskan perhatian kepada subject dari kalimat tsb.

Contoh :

f. This rug was made by my aunt. That rug was mase by my mother

Dalam kalima f , PErhatian nya fokur keapada dua rugs

Latihan 1. Diskusikan dengan teman sebangkumu , kenapa kalimat pasif lebih utama di dalam kalimat kalimat ini. Untuk tujuan perbandingan , bentuklan kalimat aktif yang sederajat , dan diskusikan alasan alasan yang mungkin mengapa si penulis akan memilih untuk emnggunakan kalimat passif.

1. my sweater wass made in England
2. The new Highway will be completed sometime nect month
3. Language skills are taught in every school in the country
4. Beethoven’s seventh Symphony was performed at the concert last night
5. The Wrold cup soccer games are being televised all over the world this year
6. This composition was written by Andre. That one was written by Yoko
7. The Washington monument is visited by hundreds of people every day
8. Bananas originated in Asia but now are grown in the tropics of both hemispheres of the world. They were introduced to the Americas in 1516

Latihan 2 : Tukarlah kalimat passif dibawah ini kedalam kalimat pasif jika memungkinkan. ( beberapa dari kata kerja ini adalah Intransitive dan tidak bisa ditukar ). Gunakan phrase by jika diperlukan
1. people grown corn in Indonesia ---> corn is grown in Indonesia
2. Peter came here two months ago ----> ( no change )
3. Someone made this antique table in 1734
4. An accident happened at the corner of Fifth and Main
5. Someone stole my purse
6. Someone was making the coffe when I walked into the kitchen
7. Translators have translated that book into many languages
8. Jim’s daughter drew that picture. My son drew this picture
9. The judges will judge tha applicants on the basis of their originality
10. My sister’s plane will arrive at 10:35
11. Is professor Rivers reaching that course this semester ?
12. When did someone invent the radio ?
13. The mail carrier had already delivered the mail by the time I left for school this morning.
14. When is someone going to announce the results of the contest ?
15. After the concert was over , hundreds of fans mobbed the rock music star outside the theater
16. Ever since I arrived here , I have beeb living in the dormitory because someone told me that it was cheaper to live there than in an apartment
17. They are going to build the new hospital next year. They have already built the new elementary school
18. If you expose a film to light while you are developing it , you will ruin the negative.

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