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Introductions and interviews

Introductions and interviews

Talking about the first meeting of new students in the classroom , we should do first the introduction to have a good atmosphere . for the teacher , perhaps you can implementate these , i took them from a book " UNDERSTANDING AND USING " English Grammar third edition

Introductions and interviews

Activity      : introductions and interviews.
Directions : do one or more of the following activities.

Activity A :
Interview another student in your class. Take notes during the interview, and then introduce this student to the rest of the class or to a small group of classmates. Possible topics for the interview follow. What questions might you ask to elicit this information ?

- name
- spelling of name
- country of origin
- present residence
- Length of time in ( this city or country ) , both past and future
- reason for coming here
- Field of study or work
- Activities in free time
- general well-being and adjustment to living here
- comments on living here

Activity B. 
Write a brief autobiographical paragraph telling who you are, what you have done in the past two years , and what your plans are for the next two years. Then exchange your paper with a classmate. Ask each other questions to clarify your understanding and elicit further information.

Next , join two other students fo form a group of four. Tell the others in the group about the classmate whose paragraph you read

Activity C . Interview a classmate outside of class and write a biography of his/her life
Activity D. Interview a native speaker of english and write a biography of his/her life
Activity E. with a classmate, take a trip to a particular place , such as a museum, a theater, or a restaurant. Write a report of your exercusion, or give an oral report to your classmates

source : English Grammar third editions

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