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Latihan : Error Analysis : Simple Present and Past Verbs

Halo , buat kalian yang masih belom paham tentang simple present dan simple past , ( source from a book understanding and using English grammar )

coba kalian kerjakan latihan berikut ini ya. Jika ingin tahu jawabannya , 

nanti akan saya posting di youtube 

Latihan : Error Analysis : Present and Past Verbs

1. Breakfast is an important meal. i'm always eating breakfast.

2. my cousin stops by to visit me

3. Portugal lays to the west of Spain

4. Yuki staied home

5. my brother is looking like our father.

6. As a verb, " sink " is meaning " move downward " . What it means as a noun ?

7. Sang-Joon, are you listen to me ?

8. i return it to the store yesterday

9. Abdallah is want a snack. He's being hungry

10.Anna rose her eyebrows in surprise

11. Yesterday i was working at my computer

12. I was always finding the solutions

Key Anwer nya ada di youtube : channel a3s. 

atau copas saja link dibawah ini di youtube :

Exercise : error analysis simple present & simple past

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