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Count and Noncount Nouns

Count and Noncount Nouns
a. I bought a chair. Sam bought three chairs
b. We bought some furniture

- chair is a count noun ; chairs are items that can be counted
- furniture is a noncount noun. In grammar , furniture cannot be counted
- we bought some furnitures ( incorrect )
- we bought a furniture ( incorrect )

  Count noun
singular plural
A chair chairs
One chair two chairs
Three cairs
A lot of chairs
Many chairs
Note : - a Count noun maybe preceded by a/an in the singular.
  - takes a final -s/-es in the plural

Nouncount Noun
- furniture
- some furniture
- a lot of furniture
- Much furniture

Note : - a nouncount noun is not immediately preceded by a/an
  - has no plural forms, so does not take a final -s/-es

Exercise : Count and noncount nouns
Look at the italicizednouns in the sentences. Write “c” for correct and “nc” for non correct
1. I bought some chairs , tables ,and desks. In other words , I bought some furnitures
2. Ann likes to wear jewelry. Today she is wearing four rings,six bracelets and a necklace
3. we saw beautiful mountains , fields,and lakes on our trip. In other words , we saw beautiful scenery
4. Gold and iron are metals
5. I used an iron to press my wrinkled shirt
6. In the United States , basseball is called the national pastime.To play it, you need a basseball and a bat

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